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One Tree II: Walnut

Karen and Cam are proud to be associated with a second One Tree Exhibition opening in just a few days. 

Cam built a chest and matching mirror using 314 walnut tiles that highlight the contrast between the dark brown wood that everyone thinks of when they picture the colour walnut and the light coloured sapwood that grows near the outside of the tree.

Karen has done a Laptop Desk and matching Chair.  The desk top and chair seat are both covered with identical leather.  The desk drawers pull out on double-dovetail slides which allow them to extend fully and provide storage for even the largest laptop computer.  Another cool feature is the power bar which has 2 110 volt outlet plugs as well as 2 USB charging ports.  It is accessed by pushing a walnut shell on the front panel which activates a rod beneath the top and releases a spring-loaded catch to reveal the electrical panel.


For more information on the One Tree history and exhibition have a look at this link: